Q: I already own a diamond or I plan on purchasing one from somewhere else. Do you sell blank ring mountings?
A: We do not sell blank mountings, but we do offer you the option to send in your diamond to be set by Sasha Primak’s skilled jewelers. The reason for this is that we focus on selling only finished pieces of jewelry and anything that is stamped with the name Sasha Primak must meet the strictest quality of craftsmanship. Please contact a Customer Service representative to receive instructions on how to safely and securely ship your diamond to us.

Q: I recently moved and my credit card does not show my new address yet. Can I still use this credit card?
A: Yes. Please call your credit card company and ask them to update your address. We will process your transaction as soon as this is corrected.

Q: I don't have a credit card or my credit card does not have a big enough credit line. Can I send a personal check?
A: Yes. Call us to arrange the details of your request. Your order will be processed immediately after the check clears, which is typically 1-3 days depending on your bank’s policies.

Q: Can I pay by wire transfer?
A: Yes. Call us to arrange the details. We will process your order immediately after funds arrive. Q: Do you offer a payment plan? A: No, we do not. Please budget accordingly in order to get exactly the Sasha Primak jewelry you love.

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?
A: No, we do not. Please budget accordingly in order to get exactly the Sasha Primak jewelry you love.
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Q: How can I track my package?
A: You will receive an e-mail confirmation on the day that your product ships that will include a tracking number. You can click on the link to FedEx.com, enter the provided tracking number, and follow your package until it arrives at your door.

Q: I cannot be at home to sign for my package. Is there any other way I can get it? Can I send my spouse, my mother, my father, or my friend to FedEx to pick up my package?
A: We can arrange for an alternative delivery day, if that would be more convenient. We can also arrange for you to pick up your package at a FedEx location nearest you. For security reasons, FedEx can only release your package to you: the addressee indicated on the shipping label.

Q: Can I arrange for my package to be sent to an address that is not my billing address?
A: Yes. In order to do so, the alternate address needs to be on file with your credit card company. This is to provide additional security for you and prevent identity theft and any other type of fraudulent behavior.

Q: Will you ship to Canada, England, Europe, Africa, India, China, or Japan?
A: Yes, please call us to make arrangements.
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Q: Is all SashaPrimak.com jewelry manufactured in the United States?
A: All SashaPrimak.com bridal jewelry is exclusively made in the United States. Some of our fashion jewelry products are manufactured at a partner site in Israel. Purchase of these products is accompanied by origin disclosure paperwork. Note: SPDN dealerships are full-fledged jewelry stores, selling jewelry, giftware, and watch products manufactured by other vendors from all over the world.

Q: Do you use conflict or blood diamonds?
A: No. None of our diamonds are associated with any type of civil conflict, criminal, or terrorist activity. We have long-standing relationships within the world diamond community and only deal with reputable suppliers who give us strict assurances that their diamond sources are conflict free.

Q: I want bigger side stones on my ring and the Web site won't let me make this alteration. Why?
A: Symmetry and aesthetic proportions are paramount in design. SashaPrimak.com’s design team carefully selects side stones to fit all of our styles perfectly. However, if you want something else, please call or email us and together we will create your perfect ring.

Q: Do I get an appraisal with my purchase?
A: Yes. We supply a complimentary appraisal for your records that is also appropriate for insurance purposes if needed.

Q: What type of return policy do you offer?
A: We offer a 30-day money back return policy on all items that are in-stock and on all items that you are able to create through our “Design Your Own” tool. For special order purchases, please review our “Shipping and Return Policy.
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